“Dedicated to evidence-based nutritional therapy”

My Approach

My approach is derived from functional medicine, meaning I seek to discover the root cause behind a health condition, rather than tackling each symptom individually. I work on the basis that every single human being is different, from our genetic make-up to our health and diet histories and as such my clients receive a totally personalised service, tailored specifically to their personal health goals. I am dedicated to evidence-based nutritional medicine and therefore every recommendation I make is backed by scientific research.

Although optimum nutrition provides the foundations of good health, I recognise that there is more to it than this. Emotional well-being and physical exercise, for example, play a huge part in helping our bodies to maintain balance. My integrated approach looks at all aspects of a client’s life in order to establish a full health protocol and therefore the opportunity for maximum change.

Amy Berry

“My recommendations are flexible, fun and free from willpower and denial”

I work collaboratively with my clients. My aim is to help you understand what is happening within your body, why you may be experiencing symptoms and why my recommendations may be beneficial. This may include simple explanations on specific biochemical and physiological pathways and mechanisms in order for a deeper understanding and compliance to be achieved.

As a busy mum of two young daughters, I am realistic with all of my nutritional recommendations and understand the importance of tailoring meal plans to fit around hectic schedules for both my adult and child clients. I believe that we should all enjoy every meal and not feel restricted therefore my recommendations are designed to be flexible, fun and free from willpower and denial. Healthy, nutritious meals don’t have to be boring, I make it my mission to suggest foods/recipes that are both delicious and nourishing. What could be better than that?

Having been trained in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) I am able to coach my clients towards achieving the changes they desire. By breaking down the barriers to change and creating a feeling of positivity towards new foods, eating patterns and lifestyle adjustments, my clients may gradually work towards achieving their health goals not only in the short-term but over the longer-term too.