“Guidance on optimal nutrition for every stage of pregnancy”



Once you have conceived it is very important to keep going with a nutrient-rich diet in order for the growing foetus to be able to grow and develop optimally.

I am able to guide you through the minefield of nutritional information and advise you on the most important nutrients for every stage of your pregnancy so that you may have peace of mind and concentrate on preparing for your baby’s arrival. Recommendations may include high quality, professional-grade supplementation to support you and your baby.

Don’t forget yourself!

It is important not to forget yourself at this time, you will need to be in tip-top health to cope with the demands of a newborn baby in a few months time!  Your growing baby will take many nutrients necessary for his/her development out of your blood supply. For example your baby will require a large amount of essential fatty acids (omega 3 fatty acids in particular) for healthy nerve and brain development. During pregnancy therefore your body’s demand for omega 3 fatty acids is increased. If you are not getting enough of these fats in your diet then your baby will take what he/she needs leaving you with a diminished supply. Low levels of omega 3 fatty acids in a mother can increase the risk of post natal depression and anxiety. I will work with you to design a targeted nutrition protocol that will support the specific requirements of both you and your baby throughout pregnancy.

Please contact me to arrange a fifteen minute free telephone consultation to discuss how I can help best support you and your growing baby throughout pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition in which women without previously diagnosed diabetes exhibit high blood glucose levels during pregnancy (especially during their third trimester). This currently effects around 3-10% of pregnancies however this number is on the increase. Left unchecked it can increase the risk for certain problems for the baby such as being above average size for his/her gestational age (which may lead to delivery complications), low blood sugar on delivery and jaundice. It can also increase chances of the mother developing type II diabetes later in life.

I have a wealth of experience in this area and can offer nutritional and lifestyle advice on how best to manage your blood sugar levels and those of your baby in order to minimise the risk of being prescribed medication such as metformin or insulin. It is important to note that any nutritional intervention implemented would always be in cooperation with your GP or diabetic midwife.