“Knowledgeable, passionate, professional, friendly…”

What Clients Say


As our resident nutrition expert, Amy has been heading up Health Magazine’s Nutrition column since 2013, offering sound healthy eating suggestions to help our readers make more informed food choices. Amy is adept at making the complex nature of nutritional therapy understandable and relevant to our readers, representing a holistic stance that is a key standpoint of this publication.


I went to see Amy after being diagnosed with PCOS and suspected endometriosis. Amy took such care and time over my case and explained everything so clearly, and more importantly gave me the hope and support that no other medical professional had ever done. Amy is incredibly knowledgable and was able to offer such great information and advice throughout the whole process. Having followed Amy’s advice and making lifestyle changes I can thankfully report that there is no sign of PCOS or endometriosis. Incredible, and something I never thought possible, and I’m so grateful to Amy for all her help, advice and support.


After finding out at 66 that I had type 2 diabetes I didn’t know what to do. I was already suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol and the thought of taking tables for all 3 was not something I wanted to do. With the help and advice from Amy Berry Nutrition I was able to make some very practical changes to my diet and start to take suitable more relevant supplements. I am happy to advise that my blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol at my last Dr’s appointment had gone from 7 to 3.9. I wanted simple to understand advice and that is what Amy Berry Nutrition provided, it is an added extra bonus that Amy is a totally lovely, caring person who you can open up your heart to.
M. Willmer, Aylesbury


Amy has a real passion for her subject and a great willingness to help achieve good health through the foods we eat. She listened well during our meetings and proved insightful when unravelling my mumblings. Her reporting back to me was thorough and extremely helpful, with recipes, food choices, diet and exercise advice and any supplements she felt would help. Making changes to ones lifestyle is never easy and you need to see someone who will be sympathetic to ‘the cause’. Amy is that someone and I would have no hesitation in suggesting you seek her nutritional guidance.
D. Williams, Bourne End


I’ve suffered with severe cystitis for about 15 years now and after years of visiting my GP and being prescribed countless courses of antibiotics to no avail, I sought help elsewhere and had a consultation with Amy. I had always thought I’d just have to live with it but was so pleased when Amy offered me hope there could be natural ways to support my condition. Her approach focuses on getting to the bottom of WHY I was getting this and not just focus on the symptoms. Just having this reassurance was so refreshing. Amy is extremely professional and enthusiastic with a very caring manner and gave me hope for a life free from cystitis. During my consultation Amy recommended a number of dietary and lifestyle changes including some specific supplements which all seem to be doing the job!
L. McKenzie, Beaconsfield


As a severe migraine sufferer having 2 to 3 a week for about 6 years & tried all sorts of remedies & practitioners, I was asked to try a nutritional therapist (AMY BERRY). Best decision ever made, Amy is very thorough at helping her clients & my outcome was excellent with only having a couple of minor migraines in 5 months so happy getting my life back. Thank you Amy.


I saw Amy Berry after having a miscarriage to ensure I could be in the best physical and mental state to try again for another baby and have a successful pregnancy.  Amy was extremely knowledgeable, insightful and professional, with a very caring manner.  Amy’s recommendations were carefully explained and were achievable and realistic.  I saw the results both mentally and physically and fell pregnant again and have so far had a good and healthy pregnancy.   I really found the whole experience very positive and would have no hesitation in recommending Amy Berry Nutrition.


Amy has excellent attention to detail, is thoroughly knowledgeable and crucially has such a friendly, caring and approachable manner. The perfect mix for engagingly applying cutting edge nutritional science in the fast moving, sometimes emotive, field of fertility and female health.
A. Carroll Langan, Owner Health Embrace