Amy with customers

I offer a wide range of interactive, nutrition-focused workshops at various locations around Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. I can also provide tailor-made workshops for independent groups, clubs, teams, social or healthcare providers, schools and nurseries upon request.

Look out for details on my website and Amy Berry Nutrition Facebook page for upcoming workshops and events.

Workshop topics include:

The fundamentals of nutrition

The fundamentals of nutrition for transforming the health of you and your family. Attendance is one hour per week for 5 weeks and includes topics such as controlling your blood sugar, good and bad fats, optimum digestion and detoxification. Hand-outs and recipe suggestions with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options are also provided. This course will provide you with a foundation knowledge of nutritional science, help you to understand why nutrition is so important for our health and enable you to implement positive nutritional changes into your life and that of your entire family.
Coming soon.

Optimal detoxification

This one-off workshop is ideal for the New Year following Christmas indulgences but is also beneficial all year round. It provides information on how to support healthy detoxification based upon up-to-date scientific research. The course helps to expel myths about fad detox diets and provides sound advice on how best to support the removal of toxins naturally and effectively. Recipes for smoothies and juices, meal ideas and suggestions for supportive supplements are also supplied.

Fertility workshops

I run nutrition focused workshops for fertility groups, charities or other interested parties upon request. I am also available to be a guest speaker on nutrition for optimal female hormonal health at group sessions. Previous examples include talks I have done for local fertility self-help groups.

Healthy eating for children

I can provide workshops for schools, nurseries and groups of parents/carers upon request. Topics discussed at previous parent/carer workshops include:

  • Optimal blood sugar balance and how to minimise sugar in your child’s diet
  • Healthy fats: feeding our children’s minds
  • Healthy lunchbox options
  • How & why to include more vegetables in your child’s diet.
  • Allergies & intolerances: the relationship with the food we eat

Contact me for further details and to find out about health and nutrition workshops that I am running in an area near you soon.